Amidst school closure, ABMC is offering tutoring sessions online throughout May 2020. These range from group classes to private lessons of all ranging math topics. These could be more school-related math to more competition problems like the AMC. Our group of tutors has strong mathematical backgrounds and a wide range of experience in math competitions such as HMMT, AMC 10/12, AIME, USA(J)MO, etc. 

Our recommended rates are $40.00 an hour for an individual session and $20.00 an hour for a group session of two to four students. All proceeds will be donated to Emerson Hospital to help with the current pandemic. However, our primary goal is to offer accessible math education to students, and we recognize that this fee may be difficult to provide. If your family is unable to afford the cost of the classes, please reach out to us at abmathcompetition@gmail.com. 

If your child is interested in learning more mathematics, whether it be competition math or brushing up on schoolwork, please fill out this Google form to register. From there, we will send a confirmation email and match the student with one of our tutors.